1. Ipad V1.0

    Ipad V1.0

  2. Alex P Keaton

    I think my iPad died

    I think my iPad died. I'm typing this on my phone. It just won't turn on. Anyone else have this problem & was it costly to fix? Cheaper to just get a new one rather than repairing? Mine is 2 years old. If I have to buy another one I might go for an iPad mini. It's cheaper plus it will be...
  3. westminster

    Wireless hardrive and ipads

    DS14 told me that I should get a wireless hard drive to connect the ipads in our house to for movies/tv shows. And so that I can stop running out of space on my Macbook. ME38 didn't want to look stupid so I'm now googling to work out how I manage to work in IT and have no idea about this...
  4. O

    Somersoft on Tapatalk

    I have been reading and following this forum for over 2 years now and it has been an outstanding resource. Not only has this forum provided some invaluable information, it has also provided me with recommendations for some key professionals which I used to purchase my first IP in 2012. Most...
  5. J

    Useful Property Apps????

    I am new to property investing, and looking for ways to make searching for properties and managing my portfolio/tenants easier. Does anyone know of any iPad/Android apps that can help? I'd really enjoy hearing your thoughts...
  6. shuggy

    how to copy mobi/ePub files from PC to iPad

    I think i have to use Calibre to convert mobi files to ePub so iPad can read them but how do i copy the files across to iPad? Do i have to use iTunes or can i do it through Windows Explorer? When i plug iPad into a PC with a USB cable, it shows as a drive in Win Explorer but i can only see...