Best home building/renovation shops in Brisbane

Hi folks,

I know there have been plenty of posts before about where to buy specific items, appliances etc.

But wouldn't it be great to have a central list of everyone's favourite shops for everything from kitchens and appliances to timber, tiles and taps?

Well, I think it would be!

So where do you shop for your home renovation, home building and homewares needs in Brisbane?

Please only add places with great stock, great prices or great staff -- or better yet, all three!
If we ever buy electrical appliances we use Dave Knudsen Retravision at Virginia.

I have compared and compared and they are always the cheapest in our area.
I think once they were more expensive and I told them, so they price matched and beat the price by another few dollars.

This is a great idea for a thread. I look forward to the replies.:D
Retravision Virginia

Someone recommended Dave Knudsen Retravision at Virginia as the cheapest place for electrics a couple of years ago when I was buying an LCD TV. Did the ring around and sure enough they came out in front and got my business.