Brett Johnson & Quartile Property

From: Donna L

Just had "invitation" to evening with Brett
Johnson and Quartile Property Network.
Anyone know these guys and what they
are up to? It's a freebie.

Donna L
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From: Simon H

I don't know about their seminars, but I bought their investment book years ago, it had a lot of advertising in it(Quartile Properties)and was disappointing.

Simon H
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From: Alan Hill


I agree. From memory, especially towards the end there was a bit of 'advertising' going on. But then, it also educated me a bit about what this particular company did?

All in all though, especially for those very new to IP, there was some useful information in it too. I'm still glad I read it.

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From: Simon H


Yes it did have some 'useful information' in it, I guess at the time I was put off by the advertising the book contained and have been spoiled by lots of other great investment books i have read over the years.

but all it takes is one or two good idea's to make an investment book worthwhile.

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