Calling all Brisbanites



From: Donna Larcos

(Anyone else losing posts into the
eather? I'll try again)

I am trying to get the lie of the land in
Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Anyone
sufficiently familar with Brisbane who
could give me rough equations in
Sydney? I.e. equivalent of eastern
suburbs, northern suburbs, areas of
gentrification, areas where the drug lords
live and definite no-no areas. Are all the
beachside suburbs similar in capital
growth to Sydney and where would
families or young couple like to live on
Gold Coast - not millionaires with boats
and jetties.

Any help much appreciated.
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From: Nigel W

Hi Donna

I'm an ex Bris vegas player with all my IP's up there (who can afford Sydney at the moment!).

I'd be happy to comment (all care no responsibility).

BUT I think you should also:

1) buy a Brisbane refidex/gregorys/ubd whatever.

2) once you have some prospects from net surfing etc fly up there, hire a car and do the rounds. There's nothing like seeing it yourself! Spending a few hundred bucks on getting up there and poking around is nothing compared to what you'll save from buying badly (plus its a little holiday - albeit probably non-deductible unless you already have IP to visit there)

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From: Donna Larcos

Thanks Nigel. It would be great to talk to
you since you already have your toe in. I
have indeed already bought the Brisbane
UBD, ordered my Residex report and am
in the process of doing my due diligence
but I would like some first hand
experience. I note your email is private.
So either send it to me or if you're happy
to discuss things out in the open, I'm
happy with that.

Where are your current properties and
what growth have you seen or not seen.
Are the rental returns in better shape than
Sydney? Have you done better with units,
townhouses or house/land.

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From: Nigel W

Oops. You'll get me at home on

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