Contract of Sale - Advice Needed

First question: I saw in CoS the use of initial ... i.e. Jennifer X Lawrence

Why the use of the initial X need to be explained by means of a statutory declaration? Just curious.

Second question: there is a section called "Amendment to Title"; the company name shown on the title as "Aquascaping Pty Limited" should be in fact shown as "Aquascaping Australia Pty Limited". I was advised to talk to the agent to annex to the contract the copies of the statutory declaration for this purchaser. What does it mean?
Sounds like the vendor's legal rep has been a bit sloppy. As Terry says, consult your legal rep about this.
Make sure all names are filled in completely, no initials. It's a mistake which will cause delays later in the finance and settlement stages.

People in financial services are required to properly identify people. The same should apply to real estate agents and legal services.