Darch Perth?

Hi guys, regular reader but 1st thread, so go easy!

I may have the opportunity to purchase a property through a family member in Darch, Perth. I'm starting to do my research and was hoping to get some advice from Perth locals on the surrounding amenities - schools, shops, cafes, transport etc as well as new developments, areas to avoid - anything really. If the numbers stack up, i'll probably fly over and have a look around but any insight on the area would be appreciated.
Median in Darch is around the $550k mark and is a great suburb only lacking in a little public infrastructure but there are aged care facilities, kingway sporting complex, kingsway shopping centre, a good bus run, christian colleges, good primary schools, a ton of daycares. straight down hepburn ave to hillarys marina as well, and close to malaga, gnangara and wangara industrial areas for employment

approx equidistant between perth and joondalup CBD.

i've got 3 devvys going in on the ground there, one on kingsway of 17 units, one on the other side of Kingsway as an over55s village and one near the mirrabooka ave extension of 50+ 3x2 and 4x2 homes. all sold out.

very popular area with families.