Double dissolution election..??

It looks like the coalition is all gung ho about going to the polls. Barnaby is telling the government to bring it on.

I'm beginning to realise what a masterfull pollititian Kev is. He has no idea about economics and by the time he's finished our great country will be in a bad way, but he's good at being a pollitition. Everything is falling into place here for him. The opposition looks like a rable and a bunch of dinosaurs. Kevs big 2007 environmental and climate change election promise was based on 'clean coal'. Something completely unproven, and possibly never viable. Yet he pulled if off perfectly.

The coalition needs to bring out an alternative scheme pretty darn quickly after Copenhagan.

Labor has one big card up their sleaves yet. Money taken from business will get spread out though his labor voters as assistance and compensation for the new costs. Another round of handouts.

........"The proposed scheme is so bad that there are circumstances that could arise where it will increase carbon emissions. No other major country in the world would do such a silly thing. But for the Rudd government it was not silly because, by convincing Malcolm Turnbull to support a bad deal, the government destroyed the opposition"........

........"Rudd and Turnbull estimate that on the basis of a $26 per tonne carbon price (it could be closer to $35) the government will raise around $114 billion between 2011 and 2020. That’s money that Rudd and Turnbull plan to extract from the business community which will give businesses less cash flow to erect carbon reduction plants.

Rudd and Turnbull will give about 47 per cent of that $114 million or $54 billion, to 4.3 million Australian households who are on low or middle incomes. This huge proportion of the population will therefore have no incentive to reduce carbon because they are fully protected. Indeed 2.6 million of the households will receive assistance equal to around 120 per cent of their overall cost increases so they are better off. In other words Rudd and Turnbull are using the ETS legislation as a massive income redistribution exercise to boost the income of lower income people. Many in the community would say that boosting lower income levels is a good thing and that’s fair enough. But to make that a central part of the carbon legislation is just plain stupid'.........

If labor can make this clear about how much money will flow to their voter base they will romp in, and probably would anyway. Not much has been mentioned about this massive amount of money yet. Once the coalition start the adds about 'new tax' blah blah, labor will blow them out of the water with the promise of these handouts to compensate. The coalition is stuffed.

When labor wins the election, they can bring in the ETS in exactly the way they want. Agriculture will be included, so it may as well shut down. I'm going to go into survival mode, but beef producers and dairies will be hit the hardest. I'd be warry of investing in rural areas, rural areas are going to cop it hard here. Rural areas are where most of the job losses will happen, and are the scapegoat of Kevs re-election plan.

Turnbull was a fool. Is it possible he was a labor plant into the coalition?

See ya's.
I think Kevin Rudd is a good polititian too.

Mind you, It probably helps that Liberals cann't seem to pull their fingers out of their butts and get their act together.
I think this is one of the biggest disasters in politics and to Australia in a long time.

The Liberal party won't be able to pull this one off and they know it. Even if they do plant some seeds of doubt amongst Labor voters they still won't achieve what they want.

Makes me wonder if the Libs know they're doomed and want to cause Rudd maximum damage knowing they'll go down in the process anyway. By making it clear they never supported his version of the ETS it could pave the way for the Libs in the very distant future?

I suppose the success of this will depend on how the mad monk conducts himself and how good his PR team are.

As gr says, this is soup :mad:.

As Antony Green makes clear here it is pretty unlikely we will see a DD election prior to July due to factors outside the govts control. Otherwise their second term won't be very long. It's an excellent analysis of the reality of the situation for Kev...

And yes Kev is an excellent politician. But he really doesn't have to try very hard with the type of people who currently dominate the Coalition. John Howard used to be famous for wedge politics so as to be able to claim the political middle ground. This lot seem hell-bent on driving wedges to see how far they can get to the Right. Too easy - a bit of a waste of Kev's talents actually. You would notice his absence from the news lately - why stick your boot in when they are doing such a great job of it themselves? :eek:
My hope is that Labour will now modify its ETS to accommodate the various issues raised,(preferably abandon it for something a bit more intelligent) However if they campaign on the same ETS as proposed this time, I'm bringing forward all my plans, looking to extract myself as much as possible from debt and reliance on services and government pensions (actually that is my current plan but I'll just bring it forward quite drastically).

If Labour succeeds with its current format ETS I can see nothing but working class misery and economic decline for Australia over the next 10 years and a few very hard years starting it off, and we'll then end up as an economic basket case just as our resources are becoming less valuable. Keating referred to our potential as a 'banana' republic and this could be the switch.

Remember the unrelenting push for a consumption tax and how voting out Keating gave free rein to the Liberals to do as they wished, helped by the Democrats sell out of course. The ETS is a much more dangerous than that regressive tax and if a double dissolution brings the current scheme in via a demolition of the liberal party then start your studies of Argentina and Ireland, for clues on how to survive destruction of the middle class.

Australia is indeed the 'lucky' country, and we tend to survive the more stupid decisions of politicians, but that luck can't continue forever.

Future Fund, Nation Building. How about some tree planting, desert reclamation and water reserves for a start, rather than handing over billions and billions of dollars to a giant bureaucracy filled with fatcat refugees from the UN.

I have not been this concerned about political developments for a long time.
TC - i posted up your entire post on my Facebook account.

thanks for explaining it so eloquently - but i'm still no allowed to give any more kudos to you.

i am seriously worried about Australia's future - I RARELY get this deep ito politics but my god - i'm nervous. they only thing i can do is try to shore up some extra cashflow any which way i can at present - because everyone's future is VERY uncertain.
I agree. Turnbull is a fool. As a lawyer, he is no comparasion with Rudd in playing politics. Rudd could do nothing in his first 3 years but win a second trun if Turn goes to the election.

I believe Abbot has balls to take it on. He made it clear: energy tax, no gain, big spending, rates etc. I thought that was supposed to play as an opposition. However, Turnbull does not do so but support the Rudd. It is just unthinkable for an opposition leader to be in bed with the government.

Turnbull is a sore loser and today came out to damage its party by blaming not passing the legislation. What a loser. The two senators are also cross the floor - what a loser of these two - has no political sense to not sticking to the party policy. I could nto understand why Tony toloreated that.

I do not think the election will be landside for labor for an early election given Rudd's performance and Abbot's hardline approach. The liberal may win instead. Review how WA was turned to liberal will be a good example.

Last election, liberals were not lost on climate change - but on Howard.
Labor was a rabble for years while Sneaky Johnny & and his lying cronies were in power. Now its the Libs turn. And so it goes...

I'll be voting Labor.
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I'll be voting Labor.
Why vote for clowns? :D

ok in recent times the coalition's performance wasn't top notch but they'll turn around. Managing the economy is important and I'd hate to have to pay for labour wastage and for extreme greenie ideas.....

I have to admit, a couple of their green initiatives were good, (roof insulation & solar panels) but they pulled the plug on solar panels and the signing of Kyodo is going to cost us heaps...
I've been hearing "double dissolution" forever.

What the hell does it mean?

DD is the dissolution or shuttting down of both houses (House of Reps and Senate). Usually a normal election is all the House of Reps and a half senate election.

The only circumstances where a DD can be made, is when the Senate rejects a piece of legislation twice at least three months in between the first and second rejection.

After the election, the government can have a joint sitting of bopth houses to pass the legislation. I believe the 1987 election was a DD election based on the Australia Card issue. The election was hardly fought on the issue however.

By virtue of the proportionate voting system in the senate, a DD election allows a greater chance for minority candidates to get elected as the proportion of the vote they have to get to win is half what it is in a half senate election. Therefore you only need 7.3% of the vote in a DD election when running for the senate to be elected. In a half senate election, it is 14.3%. The % are worked out by virtue that each state has 14 sentaors, so in a DD election, all 14 are up for election, so you need 1/14 or 7.3% of the vote to be elected. In a half-senate election, you are 1 of 7 or 14.3% before you get elected.

My bet is the ALP will not have a double dissolution election on this. Its too easy for a scare campaign and people don't understand the ETS yet. It will become too divisive an issue, especially with the change in leadership on the Libs side.

Irrespective of your stance, Rudd et al just simply make the accusation that anyone against the legislation is a sceptic and neanderthal. There is no leadership in his stance on climate change. Its more belligerance than anything else.
BC your signature is apt.... you are only the anit-christ because Rudd govt has allowed the banks to run free without a chain after drinking red cordial. The single biggest reason I won't vote Labor is because they have let us all down... it flows from the average working family, to the property developer thru to our children that will pay the price in the form of higher house prices and shoddy infrastructure. The banks are stuffing this country and the govt sat back and watched it happened. Rudd... you're fired.
Whitlam reprised ?
Keating reprised ?​
fast down the toilet under a good talkin Labor
slow out of the toilet under a Liberal nobody likes

the main attribute for a politician should be nobody likes them
Whitlam? Keating?

At least they were entertaining. A great loss to the nation when the voters chucked out Keating imho. Super intelligent, social conscience and a patriot. Can't ask for much more.

Keating in conversation with Whitlam:

Whitlam: "That was a good speech. You should go back comrade, and get yourself an honours degree."
Keating: "What for ? Then I'd be like you."

And accurately on Costello:

"The thing about poor old Costello is he is all tip and no iceberg. He can throw a punch across the parliament but the bloke he should be throwing a punch to is Howard, but of course he doesn't have the ticker for it."

"He has now been treasurer for 11 years. The old coconut is still there araldited to the seat. The treasurer works on the smart quips but when it comes to staring down the prime minister in his office he always leaves disappointed. He never gets the sword out."

More of these at
if you want to be entertained a little