Enclosing carport in Perth?

Hi all,

I am looking for recommended tradies and/or businesses to enclose our carport on our PPoR. It's under the main roof and has brick pillar uprights. I thought I'd found someone, but the guy never got back to us with a quote - not sure why, it's a reasonably standard job. :(
Anyhow, if you know of anyone who you can recommend (in Perth) who we can contact, it would be very much appreciated.
Thanks guys :D
Go stalk/perve on all the trades on Turnix/Coucal and Blackbird Aves and I'm sure one might agree to do a cashie for you. There is literally about 50 out there every day - no need to let your fingers do the walking, pop on some sneakers and go grab one.
Hahah I probably could WM but I was looking for recommendations... but thanks for the suggestions!!

Jake, we want it to be bricked in and to either match or complement the house (house built c. 1994 with red brick - Federation style) so not rendered either. The carport isn't on a slab, it's bricked (same as driveway) but we'd be happy to consider putting something like that down as part of the job.
Haha, no it will still be a carport - or garage, rather :) At the moment it's got four brick pillars and a tilt a door - we want brick walls as well!