Exclusive Picture- Magpie player dancing on table at pub

Less than 24 hours after Albert Langer's picture of him dancing on a table wearing just his knickers, a new picture has emerged of a Magpie player dancing on the table in a Canberra pub wearing no clothes at all.

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yep - thats in Belconnen - looking out towards Lake Ginnindera. Used to go to that area all the time after uni as it is an easy walk from Uni of Canberra (my old haunting ground)....

Pubs come and go there with each new management giving new ideas for the pubs, but regardless of the management, there is still always some type of pub in that area.

I believe they are in the process of building an 18 storey tower within minutes of this pub. Is there any progress on this development? I haven't been to that area of Canberra for years..

My watering hole is now Dickson...