First investment Melbourne

I know some of you might think I am crazy but anyway.

I want to purchase an investment property, I don't have a large amount to spend - 200 -250 very max.
I am only really interested in an apartment or studio.

I want a mix of yield and capital gains, It will be a long term investment as after I buy I am planning on leaving Australia.

Should I stick to a 1 bed room and what would you suggest as a good area.
I am not emotionally attached to anywhere and won't live in the place myself - rental only.

Also are the student accom places in the city a good investment?

Thanks in advance
What does your current research tell you?

Have you narrowed down your search to a certain number of areas (2 or 3), and trying to decide between them?

(Nearly) every property provides yield. And most will provide gains. Do you want 2%/10% or 10%/2%? Or something in between?

Student accom can be limiting.
  • Usually small, hence difficult to find finance
  • Limited resale market - typically aimed only at other investors.
  • Potentially higher vacancy rates - haven't you heard how many holidays students get? :)
  • Will you rent furnished or unfurnished?