Floating Floor boards


We currently have floor tiles which I don't like because the grout has gone really dirty and was thinking of having floating floor boards instead.

The problem is, we tiled over existing tiles which means that we're going to have to rip up two layers of tiles, does anyone have any idea on what I can expect to pay to have this done? the area is roughly 58sqm and we are on a concrete slab.

We have two dogs in our house so I was thinking of timber laminate - to stop them from scratching the floor. If anyone has an experience on what I can expect to pay to have this done, I was thinking around $6k would this be accurate or do you think it will be more because of the double tiling?
when i was looking around at floating floors, laminates where between $20 and $35 per m^2, for supply and underlay/waterproof sheet. Then about $30 m^2 install including quad trimming.

That was down on bare flat yellow tong chipboard.

I ended up getting a timber veneer which was $55 m^2 and installing it myself, but i was disappointed with how quickly it scratched.

Few points
If your subfloor is uneven you will understand why they call it 'floating' floor our place was ok, but there was one dip that pissed me off but being a 100 year old house you deal with it.
It will always sound like a floating floor, that false click sound!

If you are happy with a laminate look and feel have you considered just getting lino, i mean really the surface you are seeing and touching is the same thing its just laminate floating floors have the lino built onto some cheap timber/timber compound that clicks together rather than rolled out in one lump. I live in a rental at the moment with lino in a timber look and will be putting it in to the next place i renovate for sure its cheap i think ~$40 m^2 laid but get a quote, hard wearing, easy to clean, doesn't scratch easily, doesn't need to trim the door jams or install quad around your skirting boards.

IMO either install limo at < 40 m^2 or spend >120 m^2 getting real boards installed and polished, i have never been convinced of anything in the middle being good value for money.
if you have a clicking sound means the floor is uneven and you would need to grind it or have at least a 5mm underlay to avoid uneven surfaces.
This was a couple of weeks ago and I got some good answers here.

I'm waiting for a final quote but its going to be around $1600 for 75sqm. 3-4 days work I think. That's NOT including the materials. Just labour.