Good Pest Control company in Adelaide


Can anyone recommend a good and reliable Pest Control company in Adelaide?

I believe I have active terminates in a bathroom where some mud has just appeared at several points around the bathroom door frame.

I did a forum search but did not find any company recommendations for Adelaide.

Your recommendation and comments are appreciated.

I've always used Murray pest control. They're a franchise or something though so I'm sure *something* varies between operators. They are all over the place.
Try Executive Pest Management.
I've seen the guy form there do a presentation at a property investor group meeting and was quite impressed with his ideas and honesty. I've recommended him to a few people and had good feedback.

P.O Box 617 Morphette Vale 5162
(08) 8326 4701
0414 845 633
Another vote for both, would you believe... I use Murray for my current PPOR, but used Executive for my g/fs unit. Both very professional and at a good price.