How much for taps??

Hey guys just doing a quick reno on a laundry in one of my IP's. The old taps where in need of replacing and just wondering how much do most ppl here spend on taps.

I am talking all new taps and parts that connect to the copper pipes in the walls.


P.S sorry for my lack of technical knowledge and describing of taps lol
I have recently bought around 35 taps and paid anywhere from $10 each to $50 each.These are single deluxe executive taps not mixers.

I found most in hardware stores,Bunnings,deleted lines mainly,ebay was a good place also.

I never paid full price :D
So I gather that they are wall mounted taps that you are talking about (Seperate Hot and Cold taps with one spout)?

As painter said, just look around on ebay. Tap sets are pretty much all the same these days and all work on the same principal. Aslong as the washer and o-rings are fine then they should be sweet. Different story when it comes to buying cheap flick mixers.
I did a small reno a few months back and found some nice all chrome sets in Bunnings for $30 (from memory)
I think the washing machine taps are around $10 ea
Yeah not doing the flick mixer option in the laundry as I want to keep costs down. I would up load the pic's but they wont let me for some reason....

Yeah I have been looking online for some taps, on monday I will go around a few shops and see if the prices seem to close to online prices.

Thanks guys