How to submit offers on 3 properties but only buy 1???

Hi all,

I've been submitting offers on individual properties for reno's over the last 6 months (one at a time) until the buyer wants more than my limit or I've been out bid by other buyers. Its frustrating to only deal with and make an offer on one property at a time when others are available.

How do I construct a clause where I can submit offers on multiple properties?

If 2 or more accept my offer, I only want to purchase one of them. Is the standard finance clause enough to cover me??

If you buy as private sale you have a 3 day cooling off period in Victoria, Set time limits to your offers if they can overlap to use this cooling off period to your advantage.

Just give them a short time frame - say 24 hrs.

you may also be able to withdraw you offers or rescind a contract if you have not been given all required documents -eg sewer diagram.
I have done this before and included a "due dilligence" clause where by I provide up to (say) 14days due dilligence (or up until finance approval date). The due dilligence clause is only met by notification in writing by me, if the date lapses the contract is nul and void.

This means that if you have more than one offer accepted you can pick and choose. I have never had a problem getting this through, the only problem has been how long they are willing to provide due dilligence on - and it has never been beyond the finance approval date.