Is Microsoft about to take a major slice out of Google Maps?

I recently discovered that Google released their new real estate search mapping tool which allows real estate agents to publish their listings for free and the public to browse listings.

With the addition of these new features to the already technologically advance Google maps, i thought for sure it would be the end of the big players and However, i just stumbled on Microsoft's new major project called infusion. its crazy.

Heres the video:

Do you guys think this is the new way for developers to advertise the products and most importantly will it cut google maps, and out of the game?

Daniel Kanoon
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NIce! But it'll take a while for them to release it, let alone get it in OZ. Also, your internet connect and computer would have to be very fast to run it. You may also need a very good graphics/video card. And if its from MS, it might crash :p