Need some advice to save my life

From: Simon .

I know this is kind of off the track but my sister and I shared too much wine last night and let a candle drip its wax onto the carpet.

Now my wife has seen it and my life is in danger unless it is fixed real quick.

Has anyone fixed this before in their rental properties or have any advice as to what I should do?

Thanks in advance.

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From: Duncan M

The best way to get wax off of fabric and carpet is with a paper bag and iron. Place the bag over the spot, then iron it. Make sure any printing on the bag is not in contact with the wax or the carpet will be stained. The bag will absorb the wax. Paper towels used in the same way tend to redistribute the wax, whereas the paper bag sucks it up and holds it.

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From: Simon .


Worked a treat.

I owe you a beer!

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From: Anonymous

I've got a similar problem. A printer with a transformer that has rubber footprints on it, well, the transformer heated up and the rubber melted into the nice new carpet. big black blobs about the size of 5c.

Does anyone know how to get this out?

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