Private Certify vs Council DA

Hi there,
I am looking at undertaking an extensive renovation including extra level, additional garage, pool, changes to facade and potential lift access.

Can someone run me down the pros and cons of Private Certify vs Council Development Application approval. The council is Manly Council, NSW - on I guess a more "prestigious" street.

1. Am I right in saying that simply if the plans can be approved by Private Certifier, then this is definitely the route to go down with?
2. If only some items can be approved by the Private Certifier, can I simutanously submit to council DA other elements of the wish list/renovations?
3. What is the best way to find a lenient Private Certifier or are they all the same?
4. With the Council DA you have 4 years to make a substantial start on the works, then the there is no time limit on the completing the building work. Is this the same with the Private Certifier route?
you can only do one. not both.

You have to weigh up your options with design you have.

just as an example. CDC normally requires 6 or 9 (i am not sure which one) meter front set back..council may be happy with less set back.

with CDC, you tick all box or you go to council.
Thanks for your comments.

you can only do one. not both.

This is for a renovation only. So for example, can I use Complying Development/CDC for the 2nd floor addition.

Then use for example a council DA for the swimming pool (knowing that this doesn't comply with complying development route)?
You would be better off going for a single DA which covers the pool and the renovation. I think it would save you money rather than doing one CDC and one DA.