Who's had this done, either complete reblocking or simple relevelling?

Does anyone know any special considerations for a house that has BlueStone stumps?

Can anyone recommend some tradesman in Melbourne Western Suburbs for reliable long lasting work? My parents had theirs done and a few years on it's starting to relapse..others I know have had for 25yrs + and no probs.

Any need for reblocking is indicative that the stumps possessed inadequate footings, inadequate load bearing area etc appropriate to the soil conditions.

If a house was losing level after only a few level one would have to question the quality of the job or the soil conditions producing the problem.

I've seen a few reblocking jobs that use the screw-levelled steel stumps. If the house goes out of level later the stumps are adjusted with a big spanner.
There is an inovative company in Melbourne (Lilydale) that has designed and makes adjustable stumps in concrete and steel. If you rang them and asked them to recommend, or organise a stumping quote I'm sure they will be able to organise something.

(NB- I have no financial interest in this company - so I hope its ok to mention them here)

Contact phone number: 03 97355706 - Stump Systems
There is a company I know of in Melbourne who designed, developed and manufactures adjustable stumps. They supply these to reblocking and building companies, and have close contact with many reblocking companies etc.

There called Stump Systems and there phone number is 9735 5706.

I've found them informative and good to deal with and will recomend other companies etc when relevant.


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There is another company called Instant Foundations who use a steel screw system for new homes and I believe they were developing a devise to get under existng houses. Great idea but may cost a packet? It looks like a post hole digger only the digger bit (auger) gets left behind as the pier/post/stump.

They were franchising so they are probably in the phone book. I have no financial interest in the business but did try to buy the whole company when it first appeared in the early 1990's ;)

regards, Michael Croft
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Thanks for your info - might come in handy.