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I have purchased my first property this weekend (26/9/09) at auction. Very exciting time, but thats not the point of this post.

I want to engage a solicitor to handle the legal aspects of the transaction. Can anyone recommend me a solicitor in melbourne?

Congratulations Kieran

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You may care to try
Francis & Torrens, Conveyancers
13b Civic Place
Ringwood. 3134
Phone 03 9870 0904 - unfortunately, their website is being revamped but they are the original conveyancers in Victoria, set up by Peter J Francis many thousands of transactions ago

Hope this helps

Property transactions is what they do.

They are also affiliated with a firm of Solicitors which Conveyancers in Victoria are required to do.

Any particular reason why you want a Solicitor do handle the conveyancing?
Hi Kieran

You can do your own conveyancing with the help of a Kit if you have some time on your hands:

to name just three providers of kits

Your local paper will also advertise fees for conveyancers and solicitors

If you are buying a standard residential property ring around for some quotes and for what you can expect of their service

Don't forget that professional fees do not include all search fees and charges, lodging caveats etc which would be common to any transaction

If using a solicitor, ask if they are going to bill you separately for each phone call, email and fax. This is standard billing practise but means that a first time buyer can feel a bit daunted knowing that any questions they ask they may be charged for

I recently had reason to fax a solicitor a document on behalf of a mutual client and they charged the client $10 for 'receiving and perusing the fax'.

Many solicitors will have their own conveyancing department, and legal fees aren't generally something to be scared of in these matters. The main benefit to this sort of arrangement is not when everything goes to plan; it's for the possibility that it won't.

I found De Marco Lawyers through a recommendation on this forum. I can highly recommend them myself, as well. Lyn McCracken at their Glenroy office, in particular.