Sworn Valuation

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows anyone who does sworn valuations in Melbourne (preferably Eastern suburbs) I am putting a deal together as we speak and i need it to be on the low side price wise in order to profit. Please reply or inbox me
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Thanks for the reply, for me to continue with this deal, I am unable to use a banks valuation. It must be independent and sworn. I already have one complete but I need a 2nd. It is a high end property in the eastern suburbs of melbourne. Thanks again
You have a choice - some real estate agents are also valuers (though there's more money as an agent). They would jump at getting $$ for what they normally do for nothing. They must hold an appropriate valuer's licence.

Alternatively, check the Australian Property Institute website for valuers.
That's a very true point but all parties in the deal will not accept a banks valuation as they are generally low. I am the one who seeks a low valuation, they would prefer it to be high