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From: Steve Steve

Hi to everyone.
What a great site this is. I cant help noticing that many people find it difficult to find the right properties in and around Brisbane. I have the answer but some of you may not like it.... It is simply a matter of spending the time looking and having an "emotionless checklist" with you when you go looking.

I spend 30 hours a week researching and sourcing properties that fit my criteria and I would come across at lest 20 good investment propositions a week. Of course, a lot would depend on the individuals strategy... to buy, renovate and keep. To buy and rent with no renovations. To buy, fix up and sell... the list goes on.

The point to this posting (my first) is to say that there are still plenty of bargains out there is you know how to buy, cost and negotiate. Remember, the prize goes to those that do their homework.

Happy Hunting

All the best

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From: Rixter ®

Hi Steve & welcome aboard.

How many Ip's do you have, whats your property selection criteria and property investing strategy? ie B&H, Reno, etc?

Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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From: Grant P

What sort of checklist do you use and did you design it or adapt it from another source? Can you include some of the checks that you use?


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From: Glenn Mott

Wow is all I can say, dedicating 30 hours per week to looking at props is fantastic.

My wife and I usually get the papers each weekend, scan the suburbs where we wish to live and invest and spend a few hours driving around and looking at home opens.

Slowly but surely, we are getting a feel for our suburbs and what does and does not represent value.

Being an IT worker, I get a bit of time to check out this forum each day and look for props online at my fav site,


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