Third year of defects rectification in a new property

At least you had a builder who did not die, declare themselves bankrupt or leave the country, you'd be still waiting for that toothless tiger of OFT to invoke the insurance provisions.
Totally agree. Though I heard from OFT that they could impose a penalty to the builder. However they don't do anything more than just calling even if the builder breached the deadlines. Toothless tiger is a very true definition of them. Well said. :)

Although I am more or less happy that at least it's being fixed slowly, I am not comfortable with the current situation that even after significant investment in a brand new property someone has to spend so much extra effort to make something that should be done appropriately done by the responsible people.
And there seems to be no way to properly enforce those obligations.
...Has this been ongoing since December 2011 !!?? :eek:

Yes, it has been! The problem is that the builder doesn't (obviously) want to spend much time and money on the issue anymore and also there seems to be no way to enforce them, because even with the tribunal order they have still spent about two months trying to "identify the root cause of issue".
But it is going. Slowly. :)
The work stopped again

The builder started demolishing the bathroom and shower 07/10/2014 (three weeks ago) and then proceeded to do waterproofing, bedding, tiling etc.

As appeared, from the words of tradesmen who worked on the site there was barely any waterproofing originally.
This is a question to original sub-contractors and certifiers who did the original work - how that might have happened?

Anyway until last week everything went well when I went to check the shower drain and found that the water stays there on one side and doesn't flow out completely...

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Ridiculous. Keep going, don't stop. The way the industry is set up it is open to abuse and cowboys and they keep getting away with it. Most people don't know their rights either and just end up paying for it.
A set of posts with details and timeline of the real defect rectification process for a strata apartment in Sydney:

First post of the series:

I completely empathise with you. We bought a brand new property in 2002 (OTP Townhouse). It took 8 years, the builder claiming bankruptcy (though he drives a 2014 Lexus) and endless back and forth with the insurer and a very expensive lawyer but it finally got done. Our ensuite was repaired a total of 22 times and the builder fell through the ensuite floor when it finally got pulled up in the final renovation as the supports had fully rotted through due to moisture.

Good luck.