WA's Mining Towns

I work with a building company that builds transportable buildings in WA, we operate out of our Perth Yard and service all of WA and into neighboring states if necessary.
We are aware of several lucrative opportunities in North West mining towns, we have the capacity to build houses, apartments Commercial to suit any project.
We are looking for anyone interested in JV's partnerships and building work in the North West, we build a unique building system that is ideal for the climate and have helped several clients achieve amazing results.
We have a significant presence in Newman, Onslow and Derby and are keen to concentrate in these areas.
The mining "Bust" has passed these towns without issue, and lease terms are favorable (houses are sold in Newman on the basis of 11% returns) New houses earning $2500+ per week with multi year leases to companies.
Our work can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/thermalcomfort and please visit our website www.tchomes.com.au