Welcome to the Hall of Fame

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the new forum and learning heaps. The new forum has lots of bells and whistles to make it more user-friendly and fun to play with. One of those neat features is the Poll which I'd like to put to good use in this forum.

This forum is for recognising members who have contributed significantly through their posts by passing on their knowledge, experience and wisdom for our benefit. To say thankyou in some small way this forum hopes to recognise their best posts as well as their sustained contribution.

How I propose to do this is by first choosing the best posts of each week so that we have a record of achievement which will identify those outstanding individuals who may be voted or elected into the Forum Hall of Fame.

The volume of posts makes it impossible for one individual to read every post and pick out the best ones. But with a collective effort we can do it. Here's how I propose we do it:

1. I will start a new thread for each week. The thread title will have a date range, eg: Oct Sun 20 - Oct Sat 26, 2002.

2. I will add a Poll to each new thread I start but will not enable it until the short list has been finalised.

3. Now I need your participation. When you come across a post that you think deserves to be included in the list of best posts, check the date that it was posted and go to the thread with the corresponding date range.

4. Click "post reply" and add a post nominating the post you liked. You can nominate as many posts as you like but only if they haven't been nominated already. This means you will have to check the previous posts in the thread first so that the same post is not nominated twice. Each nomination must be a new post, ie, one post per nomination.

5. To make it as easy as possible for people to identify the nominations, type the thread title, post number, and poster in the "Post subject:" field. Eg: Estimating buy price - Part 2, (post #18), Ross Sneddon. Hopefully, there's enough character space in the field to allow this. If not, put this info at the top of your post and bold it.

6. Underneath this, put the link to the post. If you are not sure how to find the post URL Sim has written a comprehensive post explaining how to do it. You will find it in the Help and Feedback forum and the post is called FAQ: Creating hyper-links to other posts. The post title is a hyperlink so click it to open Sim's post.

7. You may wish to add some comment about why you nominated the post.

8. After a few days I will close the thread to prevent further postings.

9. I will choose the best of the best. A poll can have up to 10 options.

10. I will edit and enable the poll to allow voting. The poll will never be closed.

11. I will leave the original nomination posts which are listed in the poll. All others I will delete.

12. Self-nominated posts won't be considered.

Your help in this endeavour is much appreciated.

Regards, Mike
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