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    Property Tracker /Otter Software
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    Can I remove a name on tittle deeds ??

    How do you titillate an Ocelot?
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    Property Management Software

    Yes.. but I cant say much at this point. Stay tuned.
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    The secret universal language.

    Google "David DeAngelo" and check out you have to sign up for his newsletter but the content is absolutely gold. I find Alan Pease's content mostly petty drivel, the whole Body Language thing is way overstated I think.. There's a few nuggets in there but its...
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    Cars Painted Red

    Paints with higher pigment contents fade faster.. Red has one of the highest I believe.. The problem is that the paint products used these days are really crappy.. take a car from the early 70's with faded paint and with an aggressive cut and polish it can look reasonable.. Take a car from the...
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    Neighbour is Stealing Water

    But not much fun.. Set up a video camera or something! :)
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    Check out my Gantry

    I learnt that knot a while back! :)
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    Check out my Gantry

    I've had hay on that truck.. it looks great with a load of hay on it :) The photo is deceptive.. the power lines are a long way away.. 30 metres or more..
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    Check out my Gantry

    That photo only shows a fraction of the backyard.. 3/4 Acre block in the heart of the southern suburbs.. virtually no neighbors, back and front access.. its perfect for my needs. I've been wanting a tilt tray as well.. one day!
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    HELP - Automotive Mechanical Advice

    I'm not gloating.. I'd certainly never do that... but older cars rarely have problems that are so hard to diagnose :) And, of course, there's such an enormous wealth of knowledge about them.. about the common problems and how to fix them.. Its well worth considering a classic car if you want...
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    Check out my Gantry

    I've been renovating my PPOR for a few months now.. new kitchen, concrete, tiling, painting, fans, new lighting.. Today I erected a Gantry in the backyard.. its for installing/removing engines out of trucks, for installing/removing cabs off trucks, for unloading stuff from my truck and its...
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    Can't believe the balls on this guy!

    Yeah.. because thats how the process works. You fill in an application form, along with 20 other hopefuls.. you nervously wait for the Agent to pour over all of the applications, check your references and refer the final decision to the Landlord.. then 1-5 days later you get a call back from the...
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    Can't believe the balls on this guy!

    Maybe the lease terms were illegal? Who can say, we're launching off on flights of fancy based on an article that suffering a dearth of facts.
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    Can't believe the balls on this guy!

    Well.. usually the verbal discussion of terms on a Residential Lease extends no further than the Weekly Rental and the length of the lease.. If he applied (in the form of an Application Form) and was subsequently asked to sign a lease that said "The Tenant will be responsible for ALL repairs"...
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    Can't believe the balls on this guy!

    Perhaps because he had a verbal acceptance of the application and was yet to get back together with the Agent to sign the formal lease? Lets not tar and feather this guy on the basis of a poorly written, unclear article..