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    Roof painting for cooling

    I can also vouch for Phils work.. I have used him for one of my properties and couldn't be happier with the results. Good to see you on here Phil :)
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    My business is on facebook :)

    All done.. also added you as a favourite to my
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    My business is on facebook :)

    Yep, I have added them as a favourite to my Aussie Tycoon Page :D
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    My business is on facebook :)

    Excellent stuff guys.. I have a few Facebook Pages as well.. if you can Become a Fan :) Entrepreneur Forum - Small Business Websites - I've become a fan of all of yours also.
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    Melbourne suburb, below $350K, good cap growth and rental

    I'm more talking about the older areas.. some great large peices of land just ripe for development. Close to the freeway.. not far from the city.. new train station opening.. lots happening!
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    Melbourne suburb, below $350K, good cap growth and rental

    Have you considered places like Deer Park. ? Some excellent opportunities there especially if you are looking to buy then develop in the future. Some great blocks of land for sale with old houses on it in that price range.
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    so the biz is on facebook.

    I was just about to ask the same thing.. Google Loves Twitter just as much :) You can actually hook you Facebook Fan Page up directly to twitter.. so any Facebook updates you do get posted on your twitter page. The thing with facebook and twitter for link building (or cross pollination...
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    Where and what in Melb for $400k?

    You could probably get an apartment in North Melb, Flemington, Kensington area for that sort of money.. those areas are booming and only 5 mins from CBD..
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    HTC magic or iphone?

    Get a HTC hero! I was going to get the magic a few weeks ago then I read about the new HTC that was released called the Hero.. I was so excited about it I wrote an article on it.. lol - I think these sell online for about...
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    Moving Overseas - Pros & Cons??

    I recently got back from a 3 year stint in the UK. I am not entirely sure how the new rules will affect you, but for myself and my partner we just made sure that for the 3 years we were in the UK we were not an Australian Resident for Tax Purposes, and this seemed to work well. We had a...
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    New Business/New Lifestyle - Finish 9 -5 August 25th!

    FANTASTIC new Mooze! Myself and my partner are also trying to work out a way to escape the 9-5 rut and get into a lifestyle business, you sound like you have hit the nail on the head.. best of luck with it!
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    Recycling Computer Stuff

    A friend of mine runs this company - They will PAY you for your IT equipment. The good thing about these guys is they refurb old equipment and send it to 3rd world countries and other places.. so you know its not just going to waste.
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    Cook Islands - Honeymoon?

    Hey Everyone.. I am planning our Honeymoon for November and we have chosen the Cook Islands for our getaway, the place looks amazing and I am really looking forward to going there. But I am stuck on trying to find out where to stay.. there are so many nice places! Have any of you been...
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    Up, up and away.......!!

    Interesting that people are predicting the worse is still to come.. but what are the fundamentals that are going to cause this second round crash?
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    Property-wise accountant in Melbourne (CGT)

    JamesGG on these forums is the guy you need to chat to - Lots of forum members on here use his services.. very property focussed and should be able to help you out. He is located in Fitzroy.