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    Struggle Street (SBS Doco on Mount Druitt)

    I watched a bit of it, made me feel a bit depressed, so I flipped over to sbs2 which was showing the Re-animator...that was an improvement :D
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    Escape room games

    I had a scoopon voucher for it, think it was $45 for two of us Prison break sounds fun!
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    Escape room games

    Hi there wanted to share a game place I went to on Friday night...its called Escape room or something like that, there are several game themes to choose from, we chose the Lost Island. The idea is you get locked into a dimmed room, there are lots of clues and puzzles hidden in the room...
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    Catch all television thread

    Hm might have to check out some of those suggestions, I have been watching Archer, Walking Dead, The 100, True Detective, In the Flesh, The Following and started Better Call Saul (not sure about this one yet!) Phew that is a lot. I think I'm getting square eyes!!:)
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    US Tax Accountant Recommendations?

    Thanks karina, I'll give her a try! :)
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    US Tax Accountant Recommendations?

    Hi all, I have 2 IP's in the US and have been using a "well known" Brisbane-based firm (won't name them here) but have been finding their fees have been increasing disproportionately with CPI and/or the point of rediculousness (ie, $750 for federal return, $385 per state return)...
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    Garlic shop is now open

    HI Lizzie will you be doing Black garlic at some time? I hear it is extra good for you :D Cheers
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    To add a lockup garage or not?

    Thanks Depreciator, thats a fantastic idea! Will definitely have a look at that with the builder. The block size is 416sqm, and I think a single lockup would not be too overwhelming, but double definitely would be too much. My main concern was with the return we would get on the expense when...
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    To add a lockup garage or not?

    Hi folks we have been busy reno'ing our place in Northcote, and are not sure what value would a single lockup garage with some roof storage at the rear of the property add? We already have 1 off street park (driveway) but my partner thinks it would be a good selling point to have an actual...
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    Bank paid out wrong loan on settlement

    Just an update, bank have now fixed the issue with the loans, and have been been generous enough to refund me the interest accrued on my offsetted loan for that period without taking that back from the incorrectly offsetted account if you can understand what I'm saying! :) happy enough now, but...
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    Bank paid out wrong loan on settlement

    Thanks, the loans were crossed, and yes probablyy how it was confused..just kicking myself for not asking specifically when i called prior to settlement to see everything was all set! Shouldnt need to do that, but I wish now I had. Beachgurl and Brady I hope they can do it in a month...that...
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    Bank paid out wrong loan on settlement

    hi all my Bank mucked up and paid out the wrong loan on settlement of a property I sold. And now I have learned they also have mucked up the offset for the last 8 months, had it pointing at the wrong loan... Obviously I have lodged a dispute with them, it's only been a week since...
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    Removing $ from redraw and parking it in Offset

    Hi there not sure how to quote but as Dean had put it "I parked in an empty savings account for 3 or 4 minutes then paid IP expenses. This which was approved by private ruling. " I need to do just this, as I have a $600 bill for an IP and redraw funds available in that IP's mortgage, but the...
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    My latest development - 4 dwellings in Melbourne

    Wow which council approved plans in only 8 months... good job!! :)
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    Buying Australian made, grown or owned

    When it comes to food, I buy Australian wherever I can, and in particular, palm oil free. As for household items, I also look to buy products that are on the cruelty free list, as I couldnt bear using products that are tested on animals :( For those interested...