1. W

    Inspection - Couldn't access roof space

    During a recent building and pest inspection the inspector couldn't access the roof space because a)the kitchen cupboards blocked the ladder and we're to weak to stand on and because b) the roof space in the area was very shallow. The inspector presumed that there should have been another entry...
  2. J

    john the builder

    Hi everyone, this is my first time using Somersoft there is some interesting stuff talked about and you can always learn something new its great. The astute investors have a 7 to 10 year plan and then they flip them and replace them with new ones again I believe that this is the best way they...
  3. T

    Recommended Pre-settlement off-the-plan building inspection, Sydney

    Hi All, Does anyone have recommendations of someone who can do a building inspection for an off-the-plan (OTP) property in Sydney? Have a property in the Homebush/Auburn area that is about to settle but would like them not only to find any defects but also check to see if it's built in...
  4. P

    Recommend me a plumber in Melbourne!

    hi all, i need a recommended plumber in melbourne. the engineer who is assessing my property requires a plumber to undertake a full plumbing investigation as my building is cracking to bits and *****s so please, recommed me a GOOD RELIABLE plumber! thanks so much
  5. jsoe

    existing garage conversion granny flat

    hi guys, I've read a few threads but my situation is slightly different. There's an existing garage and shed that we're planning to turn into a two bed 1 bathroom granny flat. We're living in the main house now. Since, we're using the existing structure, roof, etc. we're getting my brother to...
  6. J

    Had any experience on some of these common items?

    Im doing some initial costings for a subdivision just north of Brisbane, and am finding general costing details really hard to find online. Anyone had any experience on some of these items that can help me out with a rough estimate on one, some or all? Tree clearing per acre? (need 3...
  7. D

    Construction finance

    Hi Can anyone offer information on how construction finance works for building units please? I have heard you can borrow 60% of the construction costs (which I assume means you need 40% of the construction cost in equity or cash??) Can you still get compound interest (to pay no interest...
  8. jsoe

    house on a small block

    Hi, After failing to secure a block big enough for a battle-axe, we came across this corner block about 720sqm. Trying to put numbers together at the moment. Does anyone know any builder / house design that would fit on a 350sqm (half the original block) - with 23m width and 15m depth - level...
  9. Honest John

    Is this the most corrupt institution in Australia?
  10. jsoe

    soil test

    the block we're purchasing (offer accepted) has 149 certificate from Council. It showed the property is identified as being Clause 3 (works beyond 1 meter below the natural ground surface, works by which watertable is likely to be lowered beyond 1 meter below natural surface) on acid sulphate...
  11. jsoe

    1st is always the most difficult

    After years of inspiration, self-education and research, we're getting closer to our 1st development. We'd love comments, tips, and guidance please. Here’s the deal so far. Building a dual occ (2 villas) on a 670sqm block of land in Central-North Coast NSW Two of 3 beds, 2 baths, and...
  12. Steve Fitz

    The Property Mood in Perth - Feb 2011

    Hi Guys, It's been a while since i posted so i thought i'd just relay for you what seems to be taking place in Perth at the moment both in RE and New Builds. The RE sector is mixed with some agents saying the first quarter is really positive with properties starting to move after having a...
  13. C

    Building Two Double Storey Dwellings

    I am building two new double storey dwellings with in Glen Eira council boundaries. I would certainly need your help and advice as to whats the best approach would be as this is the first time for me.... I have engaged the drafts person who did my town planning application to prepare for...
  14. A

    Property devalue question

    I am a first home buyer. I've had a look at a property that's about 40 years old. Just wondering how would the property devalues after 20 or 30 years. If I am to resell the property in the next 10 years, it will be 50 years old. Will it make it hard to resell? What will happen to the...
  15. A

    Property devalue question

    I am a first home buyer. I've had a look at a property that's about 40 years old. Just wondering how would the property devalues after 20 or 30 years. If I am to resell the property in the next 10 years, it will be 50 years old. Will it make it hard to resell? What will happen to the...
  16. D

    Finance For Transportable Homes

    Hi I am wondering if anyone has experience with getting finance for building transportable homes and whats involved? What is the LVR? I have heard that you cant get regular finance for this as the transportable home is built offsite in a factory and because of this there is no value added...
  17. D

    Building A Duplex

    Hi I have a block of land that I would like to build a duplex on. It slopes slightly to the side and possibly gently away from the street. I have been talking to project builders to arrange site inspections however I have hit a snag already! It seems that drainage of storm water has...
  18. L

    advice on damages for late completion of building works

    Hello, I just need some advice on damages for late completion of building works. My builder screwed up a lot of things and ive forced them to fix them up before final settlement, and thus im about 5 weeks past construction deadline as per contract. Can anyone give me advice as to when I...
  19. P

    A $25,000 retaining wall

    Hi, We're building a new house and our builder had allocated $2000 for a retaining wall needed along one of our boundaries. It's now built and it actually cost $25,000! He says the draftsman's plans weren't accurate as to how large the wall would need to be. But he was familiar with the...
  20. S

    Project Homes Builder demands money on top of the $4000 deposit when I cancelled

    Hi everyone, I have been with this forum for a while but this is the first time I post. Can someone please help me with my problem below? We paid the remaining of the deposit to a total of $4000 to Clarendon Homes (in Sydney) back in May 2009 for a knockdown and rebuild on one of our IPs...