1. B

    Investment financial structue.

    Hi all I currently have an and simplicity plus home loan that has been made interest only as the home is now an investment property with approx $110,000 in equity. I have another investment loan of $35,000 and 2 credit cards totalling $20,000 in debt. I want to buy and duplicate IP's moving...
  2. jsoe

    Samford Valley QLD

    Hello investors, Could you please shed me some light on the above suburbs? We love acreage properties but never bought one in Brisbane. We love this suburb because it's only 30 minutes from the CBD and you could get acreage for under $1m. Strategy: Buy now - rent out for 2 years and...
  3. M

    Renovate or Not

    Hello Everyone I'm new to this forum. I've been investing for around 4 years. I wanted to know your personal opinion on this. We own a 2 story-semi on a nice location. Near the beach and amenities in Sydney. Property is rented. Rental return is around 4.5%. Its 100% investment. Semi...
  4. F

    Toukley, flood risk?

    I am looking at a waterfront house in main road, Toukley,it?s a narrow road with water in both sides , and just saw a news that flood hits Toukley homes, what you guys think it a good buy or not? Is it a good investment to buy in Tukley?
  5. 3 bed house mins from Warnbro Beach, WA. Huge 1100sq mtr land. RESIDE OR DE

    3 bed house mins from Warnbro Beach, WA. Huge 1100sq mtr land. RESIDE OR DE

  6. M

    Legal and General Properties

    Hi Has anyone invested in Legal and General Properties please? What have been your experiences? Thank you
  7. N

    First IP - looking at Forrestfield WA

    Hi guys, I've just turned 22 and looking at purchasing my first IP in Perth as I've lived here my whole life and despite potential better opportunities interstate I'm willing to look into it as my first purchase. I Have really set potential CG as my priority as my cash flow is flexible since I...
  8. P

    New apartment prices on the Gold Coast?

    I'm looking to buy my first home on the Gold Coast and found this article interesting - apparently there's only two new apartment developments on the GC selling with an average under $400k - with the average price across the city over $800k?? I work around Robina so the Merrimac project...
  9. T

    Good areas in North Brisbane?

    Hi All! I'm interested in purchasing my PPOR in North Brisbane with the view to live in it for a few years (perhaps do a few renos) then use it as an investment and rent it out in say 5 years or so. Any thoughts on good areas/places I should be considering? My husband and I are currently...
  10. D

    Investment outdoor spa

    Hi all, I have just purchased a investment house in Margate QLD, what are your thoughts on leaving an existing certified outdoor spa on the property for a rental. I will be getting it serviced seasonally with me covering callout cost and tenant covering chemical costs, apparently this is a...
  11. S

    $600k to play with, Advice?

    Hi Community, Im currently looking at buying my first house and IP. if you were in my suituation what would you do and how would you structure it, buy one cash..yes/no? i have worked my a*se off and have $600k to play with. All advice much appreciated
  12. S

    Renting out a resi/comm (mixed used) is a pain

    Hey all, In about 5 weeks time I will be the proud owner of a resi/commercial (mixed) in the inner west (<5km from CBD by foot)! The property itself is 80% resi and 20% commercial. The ground floor has a commercial unit with an office space of about 6mx6m facing the street, a separate spacious...
  13. C

    Growth prospects Inner Adelaide

    Hi All, We're looking at purchasing our second IP, and have concluded over recent times that purchasing another in Melbourne right now is not the best idea.. There's a lot of furious building activity, as portrayed today in The Age...
  14. sashatheman

    Interest Tax Deductible - Scenario

    Hi Somersoft Forums Can you please help me understand if the following scenario allows the interest to be claimed on the loan. We had a PPoR that was split into two loans as follows. PPoR loan 1: ($82k) PPoR loan 2: ($200k) PPoR loan 1 had a redraw account, that we were unknowingly...
  15. H

    House and Land packages

    Hi Guys, My partner and I are looking at buying our first home in Mittagong. We are thinking of doing a house and land package, live in it for 6 months and then rent it out and move back home so we can pay extra off it and then buy something else. What are your thoughts on house and land as...
  16. K

    New house and land in Leppington or use buyers agent?

    Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to the real estate game. I just purchased my first investment property in Cambridge Park, NSW (2 bed, 1 bath) in October last year. I did this by laying a 12% deposit. It currently has a rental yield of 5.5%. I'm only paying $35 per week out of pocket against my...
  17. N

    Investment loan vs PPOR loan

    Hi, My wife and I are looking at purchasing a property, initially as an investment and further down the track as a principal place of residence. Does the bank have different lending criteria for investment loans and PPOR loans? Or does it purely depend on the figure that you are asking for...
  18. B

    IP Strategy

    Hi im 20 years old and hoping to buy my first property. I have saved a deposit and been pre-approved. I just want to get some background info from some experienced investors. my goals is to hopefully keep investing in properties and retire early. There is so much information out there that...
  19. C

    New purchase, where to link offset account PPOR or IP?

    Hi all, After purchasing my first property (IP) two years ago, I have just purchased my second property (PPOR). The past 2 years I have had an offset account linked to my IP loan which is interest only. My question is, now that I will have an IP and a PPOR which loan should I link the offset...
  20. E

    Attracting Residential Investors

    Hi I have just put my house on the market and was wondering about good ways to attract residential investors to the site to consider it? Property is in Morphett Vale, Adelaide. I didn't want to put the link here as I didn't want to be seen as a spammer, given that this...