Samford Valley QLD

Hello investors,
Could you please shed me some light on the above suburbs?

We love acreage properties but never bought one in Brisbane. We love this suburb because it's only 30 minutes from the CBD and you could get acreage for under $1m.

Strategy: Buy now - rent out for 2 years and move in. Then hold long term and develop land for sale down the track in 5 years time. (So a mix of investment / residential strategy there.)

1. How quickly or slwoly could we expect to get tenants in that area (vacancy period) because it looks to be a bit exclusive?
2. What type of tenants should we expect?
3. Should we even bother buying now or just 2 years later when we're ready to move in? We just don't want the prices to go up heaps quickly (if it's possible at all in brisbane).
5. How much are the usual maintenance cost for the yard? E.g. 5 acres?
4. Any major acreage land expense items we should be aware of in Brisbane?

All opinions welcome. Thanks all!