Anyone fall victim to a good April fools prank?

Just thought this might be a fun thread.

I almost got done and it would have been funny if it had succeeded.

My wife was about to have a shower and came in saying that there was no water coming out of the shower head. I of course went to investigate but just before I went to turn the water on I remembered that it was April fools day. She was planning on pushing me under the shower head as soon as I turned the shower on. Would have been funny.

Look forward to hearing some more funny stories.

I posted to Facebook that I was sick of tenants and was liquidating my entire property portfolio to buy shares, to which someone responded: "Yeah, I don't know why you buy all those properties - buy your own house and shares - much less stress".

I love it. I normally plan a whole days worth of pranks for the kids but it caught me by suprise this year so only managed a couple lame ones.
I told Rob that we had a snowstorm overnight and he would need to clear the car off before going to work.
He started to get ready and then looked out window, ready to be disgusted.

Green lawn staring back:)
I recently moved my office from the Level 2 to Level 3 but force of habit, I always press the elevator button for 2 and then 3.

Yesterday, was the same and I got to level 2 but when the door opened, the number display outside the elevator showed 3 so I got out and then seeing the surroundings, stepped back in and checked the elevator button which showed 2.

Then it dawned on it - that someone had swapped the floor numbers ! I got
sucked in.
Wasnt april fools but about a month ago my gf came in and said she was pregnant when i was in the shower, I always do good pranks on people, but she got me good. when i quizzed her she got all defencive and was planning all this baby stuff.

Was going to destroy me, luckily enough for me at this point she was only joking. I love childeren, but just not quiet yet.
My school kids tried to get me by saying such and such has fallen over and hit their head. I went to investigate, the silly little buggers got me. I tried getting them back saying I got the admin lady to ring their parents, and as it was the last day of school for the term, they are getting picked up and taken home early. Half the class went whoohoo, the other looked at me funny. It took about 5 minutes for them to work it out though...
I was at a funeral on April Fool's Day. And yes, she really *was* dead, 2 weeks prior, just one of the attendees insisted the funeral be on that day, so it conveniently backed onto the Easter long weekend.

The Child has spent the last week complaining constantly about how she's missing out on all the fun of April Fool's Day and isn't going to get to pull any pranks on anyone. Upon querying, turns out she had absolutely no pranks thought up to pull on anyone so I don't know what she was going to do if we were at home anyway ...

Unsurprisingly, my April Fool's Day was suitably depressing and was spent largely dressed in black :( Normally we'd pull some prank on the people who play on our game server but not this year ...