Are there one off item removalists / logistics - brisbane

Is there a company that can pick up and drop off one off items. eg. say I bought something big like a fridge on ebay but cannot pick it up. Is there a company that I can contact and they will pick it up at sellers house and drop it off at mine.
i SOLD a wardrobe recently and the purchasers got a courier to pick it up. It was obiously not there usual job, damaged some paint in my house and wardrobe was quite badly damaged by the time he got it in the truck. :eek:
I sold some furniture on ebay recently and in each case the buyer found a removalist via the ebay site (one of the tabs on the summary page I think).

I was told by one buyer that shopping around for price is important as two quotes were hundreds of dollars apart.
I bought a lounge suite in Sydney and had it delivered to Melbourne by King and Wilson. I cannot praise them too highly.

well choosing between sitting home all day waiting for delivery and doing it myself in couple hours, time wise it ends up being cheaper to do it myself ;)
If you have some flexibility in when it's picked up and delivered, you could try ringing a few removalists near your home, and ask if they can pick up the item when next they're near the item's location. If it's interstate, try ringing one of the big companies and see if they'll take it as "backfill" (ie topping up a truck going from A to B that's not quite full).

You could also try posting on gumtree, or looking under "delivery drivers" in the yellow pages.
Another comment I wanted to make about value of time: unless you got a card of removalist on your table, by the time you've found one and got a suitable quote, you might have spent more time than doing it yourself. That is of course unless you have a secretary doing all such work for you. :D