Gold Visa card insurance - is it any good?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if the travel insurance supplied with most Gold credit cards is actually worth relying on?

Any experiences of claims?

Any links to any analysis on them?


No experience with it but I just read the PDS comparing the gold and platinum CBA credit cards... a bit of difference there so I am going to upgrade to platinum. Lots of little things in the PDS you wouldn't know about eg if flight is delayed more than 4 hours, you can purchase food worth $30 pp up to $100 on the card and be reimbursed. I would start by reading the PDS...
Interesting. I'll check it out. Thank you.

Wonder if I'm covered when my idiot friend changes his travel plans and I have to spend an additional 15 hours on a train...
When I went to Nepal a couple of years ago, I didn't take separate travel insurance but relied on the insurance that was triggered on my Comm Bank gold card when I paid for the air ticket using the card.
I checked the PDS and was impressed by the liberal use of the word UNLIMITED in realtion to claims for medical expences.
This was my main concern. A helicopter evac from Everest Base camp, for example, will set you back US$2,000.
I wanted good cover and found that with the "free" insurance on the Visa Gold.
ANZ had a similar deal, but with more limits on claims etc.
As it turned out, I didn't need to make a claim :)