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    7th Jan, 2003
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    Hi -I'm not sure if this is the right section for this or not, but....

    I have a 4 bedroom house for removal available in Mount Waverley, Victoria. My wife and I would much prefer that our house was taken away and used rather than have it demolished.... it's far too good to simply take it to the tip !

    Has anyone got some land that needs a 4 bedroom weatherboard house ?


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    24th Feb, 2011
    Thinking outside the box

    Hi BDM,

    Thinking outside the box (and without knowing your local property market). Are you able to purchase a block of land (not to far from your current adress) and relocate your house on it.

    After that you can either sell the property or keep it and build your property portfolio.

    The purchase of the land can be done under an option agreement and subject to development approval (and most importantly development approval conditions).

    My acquisition strategy will be a 12 months option for $ 1 dollars subject to DA approval and having access to the land (to store the house) from the day you enter the option agreement. 12 months will give you time to secure your development approval, relocate and connect the house to the sewer, power and water and (if you don't want to keep the house) to sell the property with your option agreement (and avoid the stamp duty on the purchase of the land).

    Your story is a very good story to manage an option agreement. This is a killer (where is the tissue box?). You can even put your "relocated" house as a guarantee to secure your option agreement. How good is that?

    Now, back to reality, do you know the cost of relocation for the house?

    Disclaimer: The content of this post is an idea and an idea only. You should do your homework and seek legal advice prior proceeding with it.

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