Investing in Queensland

I am an agent up here in Hervey Bay in sunny Queensland. I specialise in Project Marketing and Unit Sales, Investment and Development Opportunities.
I would love to use this site as a gateway to like minded people who may wish to know what I am doing/selling.
Some of the properties I get are excellent value for money (some are not!) however, with loads of you out there it seemed a good way to make you aware of what was going on up here.
I am not a traditional agent and I am always looking for new mediums and ideas. I have set up a facebook page (search Harcourts Hervey Bay and feel free to join!) and a blog will follow shortly.
My website has a most of my offerings however, would like to use this forum as it seems more personal.
I hope some of you start to think about Hervey Bay and the opportunities we can offer you as an investor.
Make sure you post opportunities in the Caveat Emptor forum, along with all the figures required for the investor to conduct all the usual routine due diligense.
Its a tough crowd here - you can expect to get hammered. Dont take it personally - its just how some of us conduct due diligence :)
Hey Boomtown - i appreciate the message and thats cool with me.
I am not here to sell things but take part in the forum...if people think what i have for sale is worth buying, then that is a bonus! I have been looking at the site for a fair while and some of the people on here know way more than me!! I love property and all things property related and I guess I am hear to hear what others are up to too.
PS Having been an agent for nearly 15 years I am pretty thick skinned - I don't take things too personally.
PS Having been an agent for nearly 15 years I am pretty thick skinned - I don't take things too personally.
Hi Damian.

What parts of Australia have you sold R/E in, in your 15 years?

With your experience, what would you say is in the pipeline for property in the short to medium term?


P.S. Welcome to the forum
Hi Marty
I have been up here in Hervey Bay for 18 months, prior to that Bribie Island (an hour north of Brisbane) for 3.5 years and before that in London.
In London i managed 3 offices based in Bayswater, Notting Hill Gate and Paddington (all Central West London).
As far as the short/medium term, my opinion (for what it is worth) is basically that we will see some tough times but i don't share the view we are heading to recession or anything drastic like that! Up here in Hervey Bay we have seen a dramatic slowdown in enquiry levels and sales transactions but are yet to see price drops...I am not even sure if they will eventuate - I don't think so.
I think the population growth in this part of the world and Queensland in general will hold our QLD markets in good stead for the future.
I think the problem is that there are too many people out there having knee jerk reactions to press scaremongery which is creating a self perpetuating circle. Once everyone sees that there is no real need to panic (which i hope will happen should interest rates go down), then i believe the market will continue on its merry way upwards - albeit slower than in previous years.
In a nutshell thats my thoughts!!
As far as the forum goes - good to be here! I had no idea until recently that it existed and i am glad i found it...there are so many highly intellegent people to learn from...with the vast majority of my experiance overseas - I have a lot of learning to do!
Look forward to speaking again!
Thank you for the response Damian.

Good to have (another) an agents input and thoughts on this forum.

Hope you stick around and continue to contribute and pick up a few things yourself.

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I intend to stick around...never short of an opinion and never shy in expressing them either! I am also enjoying reading some of the threads at the moment - they are a sure source of merriment! The difference of views and the vigour with which they are put forward is fantastic!