what have u guys found as good colours for walls
nb i have blue sofas in the lounge

carpet colour is yet to be picked

im thinking of spray painting - everything in an off white, then painting a nice feature wall, maybe a dark red type colour
or should i leave every thing neutral

paul eslick recommends painting everything including ceiling in berger shortbread
with a spray gun and extension

how do people do edges with a spray gun, do you go over with a roller or paintbrush with the corners

anyone seen late night infomercial - tuxedo painting system - looks pretty good, a roller with paint inside the roller - i think u can get this cheaper from a hardware shop - can anyone confirm

this is for a quick renos
I don't like the all one colour look but it is definitely quicker to do!

Look also at white pepper (taubmans I think) and egg shell (british?) both good off whites.

Yes go for the feature wall or it will all look drab.

For spraying up to the edges masking tape is the way to go.

There have been numerous rollers with paint internally some pressurised with hoses and canisters etc. around for decades. Several pro painters I know swear by them and won't touch a spray gun except for ceilings.

I'm not a painter, however I own and have used a "Paint Stick" which sucks the paint into the handle which you then push in to get it onto the roller. I think bunnings stocks them (I bought from a home show)

Upside....I would have saved at least 70-80% of the time than using just a normal roller.

Downside... The roller ends up with lots of paint so watch for paint splatter. Edges and corners are still slow.

I have seen sponge type applicators which I thought would be goos for the edges at various home shows, but havn't tried them.

At a free bunnings painting night I saw an excellent idea when using a roller. Put the tray inside a plastic shopping bag and pour the paint onto the bag on the top of the tray. When it comes to cleaning up, you just take the tray out of the bag and throw the bag simple!!

Hope this helps


I've tried the short bristle pad type applicators but they tend to smear the paint on. Won't use them again. For cutting-in, I found the small sponge rollers to be easy and accurate. Way to go.

Here in the UK they have come up with rollers that have an edging guard which can swing down into place once the paint is on the roller ready to be applied. I found one example on the web:

I've seen them demonstrated on TV - very fast. Fast is good. Who likes seeing paint dry in the tray?:(

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