Rockhampton Inquiry



From: Pudsa London

Can anyone enlighten me as to Rockhampton as an investment opportunity?? I have spoken to an agent up there who says Rocky is heading towards a boom time for real estate. Any locals on the forum who could share knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.
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From: Rolf Latham


Could be could be.

On the down side I recently heard that the meatworsk has closed dumoing 1300 jobs in the process.

No idea what effect that would have on the local market if any.

Anyone care to speculate ?


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From: Paul Zagoridis

I've never met a Real Estate agent who didn't think their area was heading for a boom time.

They need to keep a positive attitude make quota. Average agents are in hock to their bosses most of the year.

I know nothing about Rocky, but I've seen some intriguing ads.

I'm assuming you aren't EXTREMELY experienced in up and down markets. If you are then this advice doesn't count.

If you are investing for capital growth and don't have inside information from a trusted source on the ground in Rocky, I'd recommend learning to play roulette. (See standard disclaimer below).

If you are investing for income then Rocky or any other smaller community is worth investigating. Do not over-pay. You are a southerner and they know it.

Do you due diligence and compare your deal with some other known quantity. Then assume the worse. Do you have an exit plan?

Standard disclaimer: Having said all that crap... coastal living is the future, infrastructure can only improve. Capital gains will be made and millionaires will make it on undervalued dirt.

Paul Zag
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