subdivision in Honrsby council - steps

hi guys;

would like to pick these experienced brains on my subdivision

i bought a house with a DA consent already given (and it expires in about 8 months, so i better act on it :).

are the steps as follows:

a) get someone to re survey our place

b) get engineering plans

c) obtain quotes a PCA

d) once PCA quotes are recvied, i need to get teh Subdivision construction
certificate (SCC)

e) once SCC is recevied, engineering work carried out must be done upder
supervision of PCA


my question

where can i save $?
do i need to get a PCA do supervise all works?
are prohect managers necessary? (all i need is to chop trees, put fence, demolish garage, put in kerb and gutter, do water rention tank, do sewer)

if i have an old survey, is there anyway to make use of it for a discount on a new survey? (and where can i find a good surveyor)

thanks in advance!