what is this?

:confused: Can someone please help me?
I got a copy of the contract and found this big dark line across the block on the diagram. What is it and how can this affect the battle-axe? The block is 1220sqm with the existing house sitting at the front of the block.
I don't think that dark line is an easement because the Title Search does not mention any easement on this block.
Could it be just a sewer line? It looks like a big/main sewer line. What are the implications of battle-axing and building a house on the back block? I'm looking at Lot 18, the one on the bottom far left.


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Well, the picture is titled - sewer.jpg so that probably tells you something.
If you want to build over it, you would need to concrete encase the sewer line as far as I know.
I saved the pic as "sewer". :D
Encasing the sewer, how much does it usually cost? I think it's about 22m long - not sure how wide it is. How wide are they usually?
I think I will build around it if I could help it. Any tip/suggestion what I should be aware of?
Sorry about so many questions but just trying to get to the bottom of an issue I haven't come across before. Thanks heaps.
Looks like sewer. The run to the old house could be relocated if required during works. Looks like the main line is not to far into the property so possibly can be avoided.

Whats the small building behind the house a granny flat?
If it's sewer, quite often you'll be required to do more than concrete encasing - sometimes tunneling, sometimes re-directing, it depends a lot on what you're building, how deep it is and how close you want to go. (I know you're talking about a house but just putting the idea out there that requirements will change for gagages, sheds etc.)

It could also be stormwater drainage, in which case redirecting it will be more likely.

Dial-before-you-dig (1100.com.au) will either confirm or deny if it's a sewer and give you more specific information about what material it is and how deep. (that stuff may be shown on the drawing already, but it's pretty hard to read.)
:confused: I'm looking at Lot 18, the one on the bottom far left.
Carport would have too go,, back line is a 150mm sewer line that can be reset on the back of the block to give you more bang for your buck in sqm's and just joins up with the other block sewers,,normal..imho..
It's a 6 car garage, believe it or not. :) an old one. need to take it down for the driveway to the back block.

Thank you so much for the useful doc, Ace.

I was referring to the smaller one directly behind the main building. It almost looks like the sewer goes to it but hard to tell in that pic.