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    Accounting program or stick with Excel?

    Hi maxwellsmart. Where did you purchase your version of quicken? It seems any purchase of the online version is only available in the us!
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    xbox1 vs ps4

    Was it mentioned when they are being released?
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    First pass at an investment strategy - comments welcome!

    That was my assumption too. Very clever :)
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    Real Estate Funnies

    What is it with hookers and sex? Err...
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    97% finance?

    Hi Thought this might interest some of you broker types. Just got a 97% lend including lmi and stamp duty on $500k. From previous posts on here i thought this was impossible?!? Not that i'm complaining...
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    What do you do?

    Phuket! I'm moving there too. Excuse the Thai...
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    Donga granny flat.

    Great info, as usual Brazen. Thanks
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    I want this house!!!

    There's a similar conversion taking place to an old reservoir in Bathurst. Not sure how far they are, but next time I head that way I'll get some snaps.
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    Anti Union homies

    Well you've changed my mind...
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    Wellington nsw

    It may be worth looking a lithgow for good yields also. Not as rough a town.
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    Written Warning - Fair?

    Well honestly; Pay slump peanuts, get slump monkeys...
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    Donga granny flat.

    Howdy y'all. Has anybody used a transportable building, such as one from a building site, and converted it into a granny flat? I reckon it could be done for less than 25k. Any thoughts?
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    When is your "time to spend"?

    Yep. You'd only need to save a measly mill per year to be worth 30 mill by the age of 70. Too easy!
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    Who is your favourite Aussie band

    Abbey has an incredible voice!