Western Sydney Meetup - Wednesday 20/5/15

We cracked midnight again :) you know you're home late when your 3 year old is sleeping in your spot.

I was called a veteran tonight. Dunno whether to feel good about it or just old.

Great catch up. Still didnt get a chance to speak to well over half of the people that showed tho
OMG!!! Such a huge night! Thankyou everyone who made it. I counted 44 people at one stage, but that wasn't accurate as there were some empty chairs with people at the bistro or the bar.

I tried to move around & speak to as many as possible, but with so many there it is really hard to do. It was a great mix, and so good to catch up with the 'old hands', as well as meet the many newbies. I am constantly amazed and impressed by the sheer number of young investors out there.

To all those who couldn't find us, I hope you stuck around. We were really easy to spot later in the night, but it sounds like there were a few newbies early on who didn't know anyone, so they were wandering around aimlessly.

The bistro area closed at 10.30 & there were still 25 (I think) who stayed on upstairs. We didn't leave until well past midnight.
Great night, will have to make sure I stick around next time, I piked at 9:30!

Please so speak to you all, looking forward to the next one.
Great night,

Very worthwhile. Looking forward to the next and hopefully meeting more of you. Trip back to Curl Curl was 34 mins - Sydney traffic ain't all that bad :D
Thank you skater, was great seeing all somersofters :)

One photo from the evening only.... I think we'll need separate conference room soon :)
That's a great photo. You can see my arm. Everything else is hiding behind someone else.