What's the best Christmas present you have received?

With a bit over 70 days left till Christmas, we have started our shopping.

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?
It was my first bike. It must have been pretty small because my parents even managed to wrap it with xmas paper. Although the bottom half of the wheels were showing. That was a very exciting xmas. I guess I was 6.
The best? I really don't know...

I can tell you my worst :D There are two actually both from the same people (my parents).
1) an ironing board :eek: I refuse to buy clothes that need ironing, I left the ironiing board at mums and she uses it (9yrs after giving it to me).
1) a TV - this doesn't sound bad right? BUT the idea was they gave me this new TV and I would give them the one I already had. Still doesn't sound that bad, but there was nothing wrong with my old TV, and this new TV was not an upgrade - It was the same size (34cm) and had the same functions - So really they just 'swapped' something I already owned for an identical product. Oh well, I guess they got a TV out of it.

I guess the good presents are all the other ones I have ever got - Basically anything someone actually puts THOUGHT into is good. ;) :)
I'm escaping Xmas this year to South Korea where they don't go absolutely nuts with gift-giving. Will be my first 'white' Xmas.
The best Christmas present for me (and I doubt will ever be topped)

Went on a last minute trip to Northern Ireland (decided 4 weeks before Christmas) to see (English) boyfriend's (now hubbie) sick father and mother who are staying with his sister and BIL. Before we leave I say "ooh I hope it snows". Boyfriend says "It hardly ever snows on Christmas Day, only happened twice in my life, not going to happen"

They didn't know we were coming, arrived on their doorstep at 9pm Christmas eve, tears and hugs/kisses all round.

Go to bed at midnight on mattress on loungeroom floor, wake up at 4 am to go to the loo, look outside ahhhhhhhhhhh snow and lots of it.

Pester boyfriend for next hour to go outside.. boyfriend bored "its only snow". Finally renegs as he says I am as excited as a 8 year old.

We went outside at 5am and walked around in the snow around the village (complete with little stone church). It starts snowing again on us. It was so beautiful, like something out of a Christmas card. I cant remember anything I got for Christmas that year but everytime I think of that morning I smile. :)Cant buy an experience like that.