1. 2013 Perth Annual House Price Chart

    2013 Perth Annual House Price Chart

    2013 Perth Annual House Price Chart
  2. M

    New kitchen

    Hi I am looking for options to install a new kitchen in an IP (1x1 in old 1960 building). I was looking at Bunnings at below $1k for a linear 2.5m, but it does not give a lot of room/appeal. Was more on a L shape 2.5m X 2m or a complete U shape. Do you think I can find those for below $3k...
  3. P

    Someone to get rid of ivy - Perth

    I'm looking for someone to pull a whole heap of ivy out of my PPOR garden in Highgate Perth, chop the trunks and then put some sort of treatment on them so they don't grow any new shoots. Not too fussed if the roots stay in the ground as long as the plant is good and dead. Any recommendations?
  4. I

    Best Perth Suburbs for Primary/High school Kids

    I spent most of my childhood with my neighbours going from pool to pool, house to house, making treehouses, playing board games, exploring/searching for fish and turtles at local creek, bike-riding, etc. I feel for my kids not having any friends in the street. Is it the norm these days or are...
  5. see_change

    Where do you expect the East coast Capital city market to be in 3 years time.

    I know there isn't one market ... but take this from an east coast centric view point . Melb , Syd, Brisbane. Cliff
  6. Perth Residential Unit Development

    Perth Residential Unit Development
  7. westminster

    New WA Residential Design Codes are out! (effective 2nd Aug)

    I haven't started reading yet :) I'll add some notes when I finish reading
  8. Joel

    Demolition cost in Perth

    Question out of curiosity on the cost to remove a 3x1 fibro house as I've noticed that empty cleared land in a suburb has recent sales for $1,000 per sqm. However an old property 3x1 fibro house with 840sqm of land (has a few trees dotted around) was sold for $620k which equates to $730 per...
  9. S

    Property mgt benchmarking in WA

    Hi Investors, Have just finished with analysing quotes from a number of PM agencies to manage my property in Perth, WA. Might think this summary could be of interest to a forum reader. Your comments/personal insights are welcome (as I am still deciding). Enjoy :) The benchmark is given as...
  10. Mariappan

    Minister wants to cut housing price rise? I am not sure if this is one of the comments by politicans that are never followed through, But if this happens it will bring the prices down I think. Any thoughts on this please?
  11. S

    Highly recommended Perth cabinet maker

    Hi All, I've recently come across a cabinet maker that i was very happy with and would like to recommend, Azztek Kitchens in Mandurah. Check out and THey have 2 ranges, their regular range and a more affordable Azztek Basics range which is...
  12. S

    Budget for legal charges in WA

    Hello fellow Forum members, Would you please share any insights from your personal experience in how do you budget legal costs when buying IP in WA? What are the compulsory charges, i.e. Title search? What is the range of hourly rates for solicitor? What amount should I put aside to allow for...
  13. S

    Property buying on other's behalf in WA

    Hello, I have a trusted person in other state who will be buying on my behalf. All financial risks will reside with me. He is not a licensed realestate agent rather than a relative who wants to undergo through the whole process together. In this light what are the legal specifics around this...
  14. S

    Blocks for sale with plans approved - Maylands WA

    Hi all, Ive got 2 blocks for sale at the moment in Maylands WA, pls see ad here I think it is a pretty good opportunity for someone who wants to create a bit of equity for themselves, plans have been approved for 3x2x2...
  15. T

    Perth Vs Brisbane

    Hi Guys, I have built 3 properties in Perth's 3 major new house growth corridors (I choose to build rather than buy to minimise repairs/maitenance etc..). The three major corridors I choose were, 1). Canning Vale Corridor (Suburbs: Canning Vale, Southern River, Harrisdale, Piara Waters)...
  16. mooki24

    Building and Termite Inspections - Perth

    Hi all Does anyone have any recs for good Building Inspection and Pest Inspection companies in Perth? Preferably SOR? Thanks :)
  17. S

    List of bad suburbs in WA

    Any suggestions on the 'bad' suburbs in South-west (Kwinana-direction), North-west (Joondalop - direction) in Perth region? 'Bad' means anything you consider not worth investing in, i.e. commission housing, crime rates, low growth, etc.
  18. A

    Perth Suburb\property selection

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. read some interesting and helpful threads here. I am looking to buy my first IP in Perth. My search criteria are as per below: Strategy : CG Budget : Approx 400k Type of property : House\Unit\Townhouse\Villa (No Apartments) Distance from CBD : Can go max...
  19. U

    Koondoola, Perth

    What are people's thoughts on Koondoola, there seems to be a lot of houses around the 300k mark that are getting upward of $300pw rent. Close to Beach Road (20 mins to the beach), Malaga is a stone's throw away (employment) and close to Alexander Drive (20mins drive to CBD). Plus the City of...
  20. C

    NRAS questions

    Just trying to get a clearer picture on the NRAS. Is it true that one could claim the full rebate no matter what the purchase price or rental income is? NRAS approved properties should be priced the same as non NRAS properties? Are there additional fees such as "consortium fees" that...