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    Why be an employer ?

    Condensed your quote Mr.F as it hits home for myself. No doubt,you can't read this,so i'll resort to other means. Cheers :)
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    Why be an employer ?

    BS!...I have loaded 30kg cement bags on a truck,done brickies labouring and other hard tasks....10min on,10 min off,your one lazy $ chewbacka that has no concern but yourself...Sorry i don't agree and would not employ you nor your workers at this slack rate.
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    Frankston meet up

    Choose from any 3 metho clinics in close proximity. Anyhow,why not meet @ maccas,kentucky,red rooster and or grandads bistro :)
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    Regional Investing-New South Wales..

    And what you are not marketing yourself also knightm? ... Don't like competition,you shouldn't be in the market...
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    Energy provider Red Energy

    LOL there is no good or bad retailer,there all the same.Seriously they have nfi. The wholesaler puts the runs in,the inept call center overseas adds to the sublime. Better putting your money on a monkey than these clowns! IMO,don't go cheapest,stick with a retailer that has some repute and the...
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    The Mother of All Booms is Coming??

    Housing is over inflated vrs employment and wages...Low Interest rates are increasing house prices.It won't last long or your on the side lines waiting for mortgage sales.
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    For those who grew up listening to AC/DC

    Btw~I'm not a fan of lazy parenting,if you want to parent appropriately.(Note:There's a book out-Idiots guide to parenting when you CBF just hit dimmicks)Anyhow ritalin was brought in and it was pseudo time and it was just another excuse for pharmos to plant a seed and pharmos to line there...
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    For those who grew up listening to AC/DC

    What drugs property_girl?There are legal and illegal drugs.I'm sick and tired of the drug agenda where you amit legal drugs!~ Multi Quote-Amphetamines is a dirty,nasty drug...Link to dementia?I dunno?Other issues yes! You may link as well,kiddies on Ritalin will develop dementia as well?
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    New public holiday?

    Just thought i'd add,i met JK in CW at the bowser a few months ago lol.
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    New public holiday?

    LOL! Btw xanh,what date is the new public holiday that JK is on about? Ps. LOL in time.
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    1 beddie apartment - Bruce ACT

    Hi ChrisA1, I'd prefer a quick sale with a reasonable outcome. Why not start @ 260k + as an example? A good selling agent is in good stead as well and a quick result,if your reasonable. Each to there own,i'd rather a quick buck than keep on losing. See vendors all the time list there props...
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    Apartment Electricity?

    +1,Main ingredient.
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    Mortgage Broker recommendation

    Hi Catalyst, Not special treatment per se,just kickbacks,ask Cjay :D
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    Fat Duck, Melbourne

    Best Kebab,i've had has been from Westall from a greek guy,great pizzas too.The worst kebab from an indian couple,cnr high st Ashburton,nice shiny lights though?